Saturday, July 13, 2002

may be it is the first day, but is there any first, or any beginning ; it is already started, somewhere in the middle as that french mad philosopher said it, but you know there is always a beginning of the middle; these days i start writing the middle of something that i have started long time ago, in my youth age, in my prime discovery?, or distinction, or ...there is no choice on this "i"; always lived to this illusion somehow that he "the I"knows what he is doing, and i "who"laughs; no someone, the one there , the one not here, in there , he , the one who laughs;and then the one who reads these lines, trying so hard on "his" not known "i" to grapple the "nothing" of his, but the endevour goes on, all the time, to get something from there , from the wondering mind that makes, or makes the image, only image , of the one who?thinks; far from that french illusion that the west invest on his theory, on the "I" that thinks, and the universe happens as that , who, that the "I" thinks, he said, the world, the univers would exist, it is exisiting when the bastard, the one totally unknow to himself, and messed up, do the thinking, the world lives!!yes you don,t believe it , but it did happend, and it is the west who thinks that way, outside of this "i" that is my properties who can live!!oh, it is absolutly on th track of the french inventor of the "i"; you see we are not too far from the "i" that he, the "I, the thinker" invested, not "created"; let,s honour the words, no creation when the "i" of his philosophy was invested in the west!

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